Make the world smile with rice! Is the watchword.

We use bio-organic fertilizers to activate the action of microorganisms to dramatically increase the amount of amino acids, which is the original nature of rice.tasteWe are making rice to bring out the best. Compared to the same brand of rice produced in the same region, free glutamic acid, which is the main umami ingredient, has increased by 140%, and free aspartic acid has increased by 125%. Also, to reduce chemical fertilizers to the utmost limit, no residual pesticides are detected.Safe and secureis. We manufacture and sell bento boxes using such rice (Hitomebore from Tome, Miyagi Prefecture) and develop "retort vinegared rice" that makes it easy to make authentic sushi rice in a microwave oven.

And now, COVID-19 has had a great influence on the world. We've had long days of not meeting our dear friends and relatives, and we've realized how wonderful it is to get together and do something. We are trying to overcome that and choose a path that coexists safely and happily. Under such circumstances, Japanese-style hand-rolled sushi is the one that allows you to cook with your friends, enjoy the ingredients you like as you like, and share the joy of being together. Thinking that it is "hospitality entertainment!"Hand-rolled sushi party experience kit for giftsHas been released.


"Recently, I'm worried when choosing gifts for foreigners. Japanese-style things are becoming more common, and I was wondering if there was something interesting. When I invited him to my house, hand-rolled sushi If you do, you will be pleased, so "Try it at home."I was overjoyed when I gave this kit as a gift. It's up to him to do it properly, but ... lol. "

If you live in the United States, you can buy it here.