Did you know that there is a machine in Japan for cooking rice? How to use the rice cooker and its history


Rice has been loved in Japan for a long time.


There are many countries that prefer to eat rice overseas, but there are few countries that use machines made only to cook rice.


One of the electrical appliances that is commonplace in Japanese households is the rice cooker.


A rice cooker is a machine made only to cook rice deliciously.


In this article, we will introduce how to use a rice cooker and rice cooking culture in Japan.


What is a rice cooker? It is a japanese household appliance that is used to cook rice.


"Rice cooker" is a household appliance that is so common that it is not an exaggeration to say that it is in any family in Japan.


Overseas, I think it is common to cook rice in a frying pan or pot.


However, the Japanese, who had long been good at producing electrical appliances, made a special-purpose electrical appliance to cook Japanese rice more easily and deliciously.


That is a machine called a rice cooker.




Main use of rice cooker


The rice cooker can mainly make reservations and start cooking rice (rice cooking) with one switch.


In addition, it is a convenient machine that can keep rice cooked warm once.


By cooking rice with a good amount of food, the rice is not sticking to the rice cooker.


Characteristics of Rice Cooker

・ You can cook rice at any time with one switch

・ You can keep cooked rice warm and eat deliciously at any time

・ Cook your favorite amount of rice with your favorite hardness

・ Dishes other than rice can be made with a single switch

・ There is no worry that rice will burn

・ It is okay to leave the rice cooker unattended


When cooking rice using a pot or frying pan, you have to look at it by your side until you have rice.


So that the rice can be stopped when it is cooked so that the water does not boil and spill out so that it does not burn ...


It is a rice cooker that all such troublesome things are no longer needed.


With a rice cooker, not only can you cook rice at any time at the touch of a button, but it also automatically cooks delicious rice and starts keeping warm even if you are not nearby.


Modern Japanese who are accustomed to rice cookers are not uncommon for people who do not know how to cook rice in a pot.


So much, the rice cooker made the Japanese rice culture more comfortable.


Japan cooked rice in a pot before the rice cooker was made


When there was no electricity, before the rice cooker was established, in Japan, rice was cooked using pots and fire.


The cooked rice is transferred to ohi, served in a teacup, and eaten.


However, the rice that has been transferred to ohihi will cool down.


Modern rice cookers are an epoch-making invention for eating delicious rice.


Please eat delicious rice with a Japanese rice cooker.


If you live in Japan, you may want to buy one rice cooker and use it.


Please enjoy Japanese culture.