Do you know what kind of kitchen knives are used in Japan? Introducing recommended kitchen knives by scene


I think that the kitchen knife which cuts ingredients is a cooking utensil used in any country.


In each country, kitchen knives are often prepared for different uses depending on the ingredients they want to cut.


It is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the cooking utensils that gives a national character because the shape and size vary depending on what you want to cut.


What kind of kitchen knives are the mainstream in your country?


In this article, I will introduce the kitchen knives that are often used in Japan.


There may be a knife that is different from your country.


If you live in Japan and use Japanese ingredients a lot, it should be fun to grasp the characteristics of Japanese kitchen knives and try using them.


I would be happy if it would be helpful for people who are going to cook their own meals in Japan from now on.


What kind of kitchen knives are used in Japan?


Depending on the ingredients you cut, the suitable kitchen knife will also change.




Kitchen knives used in Japan (1): Santoku Knives


"Santoku Knife" is a kitchen knife that can cut vegetables, meat, and fish.


Because anything can be cut, it is often used as a kitchen knife for home use.


It is designed to be easy to cut with any ingredient, and the straight line is designed to be easy to handle vegetables, curves are meat, and the tongari part at the tip is easy to handle meat and fish.


However, since it is not a kitchen knife dedicated to certain ingredients, the sharpness is not particularly good.






Kitchen knives used in Japan (2): Bread-cutting knives


In Japan, special knives are often used to cut bread.


The teeth have a characteristic jagged shape, and it is made so that it can be cut without crushing the bread.



Thanks to this shape, sandwiches etc. can keep a beautiful cross section without ezersing in the contents.




Kitchen knives used in Japan (3): Nakiri Knives


"Na kiri knife" is a kitchen knife for cutting vegetables shaped like a rectangle.


It is large so that it is easy to cut large vegetables, and it has a shape that seems to be a Japanese kitchen knife.



Compared to Santoku Kitchen Knife, it is not sharp-tipped, so it can be said that it is a kitchen knife specialized in cutting vegetables.




Kitchen knives used in Japan (4): Beef sword knives


"Utsuto Knife" seems to be often used as a standing position like a Santoku knife in the West.


Because the tip is sharp like a Santoku knife, it is also suitable for cutting chunks of meat with full force.


However, it can also be said that it is a versatile kitchen knife because it can cut vegetables and fish.



Was the kitchen knife used in Japan unique?


Was the kitchen knife used in Japan unique compared to your country?


Was there anything different from a kitchen knife you've seen in other countries?



If you have never used it before, please try it.