【Easy at home】How to make hand-rolled sushi! Introducing how to cut nori and traditional ingredients


Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish.


In Japan, there are several types of sushi, such as "nihongiri sushi" and "rolled sushi", and it is attractive that you can enjoy different flavors and texture.


However, "Nogiri Sushi" is basically eaten at the shop, not home cooking.


On the other hand, "Maki Sushi" can be easily made and enjoyed at home.


This time, I will tell you how to make such "rolled sushi" from how to cut nori.


We will also introduce ingredients traditionally used by Japanese families, so please refer to them.


Please make rolled sushi at home and enjoy the Japanese experience.



【Easy at home】How to make hand-rolled sushi! Explanation of how to cut nori


There are two main types of sushi rolls.


One is rolled sushi shaped like a bouquet of flowers, and the other is a round bar-shaped rolled sushi.


Round bar-shaped rolled sushi is often cut into bite-size sushi, but there are exceptions such as Setsubun Day.


This time, I will introduce how to make "hand-rolled sushi shaped like a bouquet of flowers" that is relatively easy to make.






How to make hand-rolled sushi! Explanation step by step from how to cut nori


This time, we will make a small hand-rolled sushi that is easy to serve at parties.


Step (1): Hold the nori as a horizontal rectangle


Step (2): Fold the top right and lower left corners of the nori


Step (3): Cut off to fit the crease


Step (4): Hold the trapezoidal nori so that the sharpest horn is on the right.


Step (5): Place vinegared rice on a part other than a triangle with the most sharp corners at the top


Step (6): Go vertically with the ingredients


Step (7): Wind from the left corner toward the right sharp corner


If you prepare multiple ingredients, it will be colorful, varied, and the table will be vivid.


What are the ingredients for hand-rolled sushi? Introducing traditional Japanese ingredients


Overseas, you can often see "California rolls" being sold as similar to sushi.


However, the rolled sushi with "nori is outside the inside rice" is not traditional Japanese sushi, but a California roll.


In Addition, avocados are not used as ingredients in Japan.


Ingredients of Traditional Japanese Hand-rolled Sushi


Tuna sashimi



Dashi rolled egg

How much




The above is more of a tool that is often used in Japanese households than "traditional".


How to make hand-rolled sushi! Taught from how to cut nori


Nori used for hand-rolled sushi in Japan does not come with salt or sesame oil like Korean nori, and is often simple grilled nori.


It is a Japanese style to enjoy the fragrant scent of nori.


I have also told you about ingredients, but recently there are many families who put hamburgers, tuna mayo, fried chicken, etc., and there are no special rules.


Please try making hand-rolled sushi freely and happily.