Eels have been eaten since the Jomon period! The origin of eel dishes popular in Japan is also introduced


Do some people feel uncomfortable eating eels?


In Japan, eel is often considered to be one of the high-end ingredients.


I know that eels that are slimy and long and thin are delicious now.


But did people in the old days seem to eat eels by looking at them...?


The answer is that eels have been eaten all over the world for a long time.


In Japan, it is known that eels were eaten back in the Jomon period.


In this article, we will introduce the origins of eels as food and delicious eel dishes that have been passed down to modern Japan.


Eels have been eaten since the Jomon period! Origin of eels


In Japan, it has been customary to eat eels for 5,000 years since the Jomon period.


From the shell mounds made during the Jomon period, bones that can be understood after people eat have come out.



However, it was in the Edo period (1603-1868) when eels began to be cooked for food.


At that time, when Ieyasu Tokugawa was reclaiming to develop the town of Edo, the fact that eels settled there promoted the edibleization of eels.




 Eels have been eaten overseas since B.C.


Overseas, it is known that eels have been eaten since 431 BC.


In a work called the "Akarnai People", created by a satirical poet called Aristophanes on the stage of the Pelopones War in ancient Greece, there is a document that says he eats eels.


At that time, in Rome, the eel with a back opening was coated with a sauce mixed with honey and fish sauce, and it was charcoal grilled.


From that time on, eels were known as high-quality ingredients.


Speaking of Japanese eel dishes? 3 selections


There are three famous Japanese eel dishes.






Here's a quick introduction to each history.




Eel dish (1): Kabayaki


During the Muromachi period in 1399, kabayaki was popular in the same way as today.


This name was given because the shape when the eel is held in the wedge resembles the ear of kaba.




Eel Dish (2): Hitsumabushi


Hitsumabushi, which can be eaten in ohitsuka and sprinkled, is a popular Japanese dish even today as a specialty of Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture.



Hitsumabushi is a dish developed by "Atsuta Horaiken" in Nagoya as a finely pounded eel rice with dashi and became popular.




Eel Dish (3): Eel Rice Bowl


Speaking of eel dishes, eels are on top of rice bowls.


The heat of the rice of the donburi warms the eel, so you can enjoy a softer texture.


Eels have been a luxury item for a long time! Let's eat delicious eel dishes


Eels have a long history of eating, but eels have long been treated as luxury items.



Although it is a little expensive, please try delicious eel dishes in Japan.