How many soy sauces are delicious for hand-rolled sushi? Explanation of the types and how to enjoy soy sauce


Have you noticed that there are many kinds of soy sauce in Japan?


Soy sauce is one of the traditional Japanese seasonings, and it is not exaggerated to say that it is one of the essential ingredients for Japanese food.


Soy sauce used in Japan varies from region to region.


In addition, there is a commitment to how to make soy sauce depending on the brewery, so it may be said that it is ungure to tie it up with a variety.


In the meantime, when asked which soy sauce is perfect for hand-rolled sushi, is there an answer?


Given that people's preferences are different, and that the idea changes depending on the land where they were born and raised, the answer is that "I can't say in general."


In this article, we will introduce the three types of soy sauce that are often used for hand-rolled sushi and the characteristics of each.


I would be happy if the readers of this article could find some tips for finding the best soy sauce for them.



How many soy sauces are delicious for hand-rolled sushi? Introducing three types


The soy sauce introduced this time is as follows.


(1) Dark soy sauce

(2) Light soy sauce

(3) Sauce sauce


I will introduce each one.




(1) Dark soy sauce


Koiguchi soy sauce is a popular soy sauce mainly in the Kanto region.


It is characterized by a dark and deep color and a high aroma, and the taste is balanced.


It is easy to be used with any Japanese food, and raw fish go well because it de-smells.


On the other hand, it does not disturb the aroma of grilled fish, so it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a representative of soy sauce.


(2) Light soy sauce


Usuguchi soy sauce is a soy sauce that is mainly eaten in Kansai.


From this name, it may be thought that the taste is thinner than kanto's dark soy sauce, but that is not the case.


Only the color is light, and the salinity is often higher than dark soy sauce.


In particular, it goes well with soy sauce that goes well with white fish, sweet shrimp and scallops.



(3) Sauce sauce


It is mainly eaten in the Chubu region, and it is irresistible for those who like it because of its strong umami.


This rich taste is perfect for dishes and sashimi that you want to add depth to, especially fatty fish.


Try to find the perfect soy sauce for hand-rolled sushi


It is fun to eat and compare soy sauce that is perfectly eaten and compared to each dish, not limited to hand-rolled sushi.


Why don't you find the compatibility of soy sauce that you think goes well with each dish?




If you have not tried soy sauce yet, please go find it.