Introducing ingredients of hand-rolled sushi that can be eaten even if you are not good at raw fish! Find your favorite ingredients


Hand-rolled sushi is a representative of Japanese cuisine, but the standard ingredients are salmon and tuna.


However, there must be a person who is not good at the raw fish by all means, too.


So this time, I will introduce delicious ingredients when I put it in hand-rolled sushi other than raw fish.


There are many popular ingredients for children, and it should be easy for men and women of all ages to enjoy.


Please try to find and customize your favorite ingredients.


Even if you are not good at fish, you can eat it! Introducing ingredients of hand-rolled sushi


In addition to fish, the standard ingredients are cucumbers and omelets.


By the way, it is American style to put avocado in sushi, not Japan.


Let's take a look at some of the recommended ingredients.




Ingredients of hand-rolled sushi (1): Deep-fried chicken


Karaage, a popular side dish in Japan, is delicious even if you roll it in hand-rolled sushi.


Fried chicken with juicy gravy is refreshing and just right when rolled with vinegared rice.


How about grated daikon radish and ponzu if you like?


It is also delicious with vegetables such as lettuce and onions.




 Ingredients of hand-rolled sushi (2): Fried shrimp


You can enjoy it with a feeling similar to a rice ball with fried shrimp.


Because it is rolled with vinegared rice, you can enjoy a slightly different taste.


You can also roll mayonnaise or boiled eggs together.




 Ingredients of hand-rolled sushi (3): Kinpira Burdock


Kinpira burdock made by sweet and spicy stir-frying burdock and carrots becomes satisfying and delicious when rolled by hand-rolled sushi.


Japanese-style seasoning should be perfect for vinegared rice.


It is recommended because the umami increases when sesame is sprinkled.




Ingredients of hand-rolled sushi (4): Potato salad


Potato salad with potatoes, cucumbers, corn, etc. is often served with vinegared rice.


It is also good to add lettuce or prosciutto.


If you add a slightly smoky potato salad, it will change and taste delicious.




Ingredients of hand-rolled sushi (5): Hamburger steak


Even if you roll hamburger steak, which is one of the popular ingredients for children with round conveyor belt sushi, it will be delicious hand-rolled sushi.


By slightly thickening the taste of the sauce, it matches vinegared rice and becomes hand-rolled sushi that is responsive to eating.


Try the hamburger steak from demiglace sauce to Japanese style sauce.


How about a party with your favorite ingredients wrapped in hand-rolled sushi?


If you prepare several hand-rolled sushi with various ingredients for your home party, it will be colorful and the table will be gorgeous.


In addition to traditional hand-rolled sushi with raw fish, why not put modern hand-rolled sushi?