Introducing the types of Japanese tea in detail! What is the difference between how to make and tea?


 It is a tea that is drunk all over the world, but speaking of Japanese tea, it is Japanese tea.


However, do you know what kind of tea "Japanese tea" is?


Speaking of Japanese tea, do you think of green tea with vivid green?


Or brown hojicha?


What about matcha?


In this article, we will thoroughly explain the types of Japanese tea, their characteristics, and how they are made.


Become familiar with Japanese tea and find your favorite tea.


What is Japanese tea? Detailed explanation of the type!


"Japanese tea" often means "green tea produced in Japan" in most cases.


In Japan, in addition to green tea, various types of tea such as oolong tea and black tea are produced.


Still, green tea is produced overwhelmingly in Japan.



 The following tea is a common tea in Japan.






Brown rice tea


This is all tea classified as green tea.


If you say that, some people may wonder, "Hojicha is brown, but is it green tea?"


As the name suggests, it is easy to think that green tea means tea, but in fact it is classified by the "degree of fermentation" of the leaves, and it is not classified by the color of the tea.


The leaves of chanoki (tea tree) ...


・Green tea: made without fermentation

Oolong tea: semi-fermented

・Black tea: fully fermented


It is classified in this way.


In other words, all the tea commonly drunk in Japan introduced above is made from the same leaves and is not fermented, so it is classified as "green tea".


The reason why each taste and color are different is that the cultivation method and the process of making it are different.


✔️ Sencha


Speaking of green tea, is sencha?


The tea leaves are steamed and kneaded to make them.


The shallower the steaming, the golden color becomes, and the deeper it is, the greener it becomes.


✔️ Gyokuro


By growing while interrupting sunlight, it prevents the catechin, which is astringent ingredient, from being made, and brings out the sweetness and umami.


Gyokuro is known as high-grade green tea.


✔️ Matcha


After steaming, it is dried without kneading to make it.


It is the one which became powdery with a millstone.


✔️ Hojicha


It is a tea that gives the aroma by roasting sencha.


Because of its unique bitterness and astringency, it is popular among men and women of all ages.


✔️ Brown Rice Tea


Brown rice is added to sencha.


It is easy to drink on a daily basis and is popular with overseas people who drink tea for the first time.


There are more kinds of Japanese tea! Find your favorite tea


There are a wide variety of Japanese teas, and each has its own characteristics.


Please find tea that you can relax with when you drink and enjoy it on a daily basis.