Is ramen a Japanese dish? Chinese food? Introducing the origins and popular taste of ramen


Ramen is one of the most popular dishes in Japan that have famous restaurants in various places.


It is not uncommon for popular restaurants to line up for hours because each restaurant has their own research and created the most delicious ramen taste.


Many foreigners who have visited Japan also have ramen as a delicious food they ate in Japan.


However, is "Ramen", which is also called "Chinese soba", really a Japanese dish?


Ramen certainly has more oil than other Japanese dishes, and it is a rich dish.


Although it has characteristics like Chinese cuisine, it is often called Japanese cuisine in the world.


In this article, we will introduce the origin of ramen and the popular taste in Japan.


 Is ramen a Japanese dish? Or Chinese food?


In conclusion, ramen is a dish created in Japan by a Chinese chef.


Because it was made as a noodle dish unique to Japan, it is not pure Chinese cuisine, so is it better to say that it is a Chinese style dish made for Japanese people?


In the Meiji era, Mr. Ozaki, a Japanese manager, opened a Chinese restaurant.


At the Chinese restaurant, we hired several Chinese chefs from Yokohama Chinatown to serve Chinese food for Japanese people.


Therefore, the current ramen called China soba and Nanjing soba was mainly popular.




There are many Japanese foods that originate from foreign cuisine in Japan!


Many Japanese food originates from foreign cuisine.


In fact, sushi was originally from China and began to become popular in the Edo period.


Baked gyoza is also a Japanese dish, but there are also gyoza in Chinese cuisine.


Chinese dumplings are often boiled or fried, but Japanese baked gyoza is steamed and baked.


It is not authentic Chinese food.


What is the taste of basic ramen? Introducing 4 types


It is difficult to classify the types of ramen in general because each ramen specialty store often creates its own taste with commitment.


Among them, we will introduce four kinds of basic ramen flavors.


(1) Soy sauce ramen


Because it is soy sauce base, it is characterized by a brown and translucent soup.


Chicken, pork, and seafood are often used for the soup stock used.


(2) Tonkotsu Ramen


The bones of pigs are boiled for a long time, and most of the soup is whitish.


The taste depends on the stew time.


(3) Miso ramen


Miso and vegetables are used to create a unique flavor.


It is characterized by a rich taste.


(4) Salt ramen


It is characterized by a translucent and light soup.


It is a ramen that does not cheat with the taste of salt sauce etc.


Find your favorite ramen restaurant in Japan


In Japan, where delicious ramen competes in each region, you can meet ramen that is so high that you can not meet in other countries.


Please try to find your favorite ramen.