Isn’t tonkatsu a Japanese food? What country food? Explanation of the origins of Western food


Have you ever felt that Tonkatsu is popular in Japan, but it is close to Western cuisine?


In many cases, miso soup and pickles are set as a staple of set meals.


Because it is eaten together with Japanese food, many people should feel like Japanese food.


However, the origin of tonkatsu is Western cuisine.


In the first place, tonkatsu was made only about 100 years ago.


It is quite a new dish.


In this article, we will introduce the origin of tonkatsu and how to enjoy tonkatsu.


Is it true that tonkatsu is not a Japanese food? Origin French cuisine


Tonkatsu originated in French cuisine called côtelette.


A coatlette was a dish in which sliced veal meat was grilled with small breadcrumbs and egg yolks and stir-fried on both sides with butter.




"Tonkatsu" was created by Motojiro Kida, the second generation of The Brick tei Japanese restaurant.


Going back to 1899, the japanese in the past did not like the taste of butter, and it did not spread as a coatlet.


Therefore, "pork cutlet" was born, which is more light pork than veal and fried like tempura and eaten with Worcester sauce.


It was an idea to add shredded cabbage under the situation of shortage of chefs due to the Russo-Japanese War at that time.


Since typical Western dishes often serve warm vegetables, it can be found that adding raw vegetables was a novel idea.


This was popular as a dish called "katsuretsu" at that time.



Katsulets transform into tonkatsu


Cutlets used knives and forks to cut and eat themselves.


About 10 years after the cutlet was made, "katsuretsu that can be eaten with chopsticks" was created at "Punch eaves" served by mr. Shimada, the inventor.


The thickness was improved to 2.5 to 3 cm, which is good on fire, and it was cut into sizes that are easy to eat in advance.


This solved the problem of dirtying hands when using knives and forks.


At this time, a set meal style was completed that served miso soup and white rice together.


The way of eating was devised before tonkatsu was made.


In fact, before the tonkatsu was completed in this way, dishes such as katsu curry and katsudon were devised.


Katsu curry that can enjoy curry rice and katsu together, and katsudon that can be deliciously remade using cold tonkatsu are still popular even today.



How do you like to eat tonkatsu?