What is Chirashi Sushi? Explain the origin of cute fashionable rice to eat at HinaMatsuri


Sushi is sushi, but chirashi sushi has a slightly different atmosphere from other sushi.


It is one of the dishes served at the HinaMatsuri, which is one of the traditional events in Japan.


Do you know that the ingredients you put in chirashi sushi are meaningful and selected?


In this article, we will introduce in detail the origin of chirashi sushi and the difference between east and west.


Even if you do not know about HinaMatsuri, I am writing so that you can become a little familiar with Japanese culture.


What is HinaMatsuri? Meaning of chirashi sushi eating event


HinaMatsuri is a day called "Peach Festival" on March 3rd.


It is a tradition to decorate hina dolls at events to pray for the healthy growth and happiness of girls.


Hina dolls are said to protect children from illness and accidents, and each doll has a role.


If you are a child born and raised in Japan, most people can sing Hina-sama's songs.




Why Hina Hail Eaten at HinaMatsuri Is Colorful


"Hinare" is very cute because three colors of pink, white, and green are mixed, and it is very lovely that the child will have eaten it with a heartfelt excitement at least once.


Each color has meaning.


Pink: symbolizes peach flowers and means the power of amulet


White: means the power of cleaning, symbolizing snow


Green: Symbolizes the land where sprouts spread, meaning health


These three colors represent the spring season when the snow of the earth is divided, sprouts come out, and peach flowers look into the face.


"Hisshi mochi", which is made of the same three colors as Hina Arare, is made with the same meaning as this.


The plants used for stringing are plants called kuchinashi and mugwort, which are said to pay evil.


In this way, HinaMatsuri is an event to pray for the health of girls by receiving the power of nature.



What is Chirashi Sushi? Meaning of ingredients


Chirashi sushi is often eaten when celebrating HinaMatsuri as a gorgeous and auspicious thing.


Each ingredient on top of vinegared rice has its own meaning.


・Carrots: Please root

・Shrimp: May you live long until your belly bends

・Lotus root: May you see the future well like an open hole

・Kinshi egg: May you accumulate treasures

・Beans: May you work hard and live hard


And chirashi sushi is made a little differently in the east and west.


In the Kanto region, raw fish and other ingredients are often lined up beautifully, while in Kansai, raw fish is often used through the fire and seasoned ingredients are used.


Let's make chirashi sushi in spring.


There are no particular rules for chirashi sushi.


Nowadays, it is often enjoyed by incorporating decorative elements such as mixing ingredients with vinegared rice and decorating raw fish on top.


When spring comes, why don't you make chirashi sushi and enjoy it?