What is japanese traditional craft “parquet”? Thorough explanation of history, charm, popular patterns!


Do you know "parquet", one of japan's traditional crafts?


It is a craft made using wood around Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture, and the clever natural color that makes use of the grain attracts many people.


If you've never seen parquet before, you probably don't think it's a pattern made of wood.


▼What you can learn in this article

What is parquet?

Charm of parquet

History and birthplace of parquet

・ Representative products made of parquet


In this article, we will thoroughly introduce the history, charm, and popular patterns of parquet.


If you are fascinated by parquet, please try it as a souvenir for your hand.



 What is parquet? Beautiful traditional crafts originated in Hakone, Kanagawa


Parquet is a traditional craft made around Hakone City, Kanagawa Prefecture.


By combining the trees taken in the mountains around Hakone City, the wood grain and color differences are created and patterned.


It originally started in ancient West Asia, but it is thought that it is a technology that came to Japan through the Silk Road.


It is said that parquet began to be made in Japan in earnest in the late Edo period.


There were not many types of patterns that were made at that time, and patterns that were continuous were born over time.


What is the appeal of parquet? Delicacy and one-of-a-kind patterns


The parquet, with its beautiful bright colors, is made from trees that live in nature.


The wood used is a richly deep colored tree called "Jintai-Iku".


Shindaiki means a tree buried in the ground due to volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago.


Among them, when non-rotting is dug up, it becomes the raw material of parquet.


The parquet, which combines many shades of wood, creates the one and only pattern in the world.



Speaking of parquet, it is a secret box! Have you tried it?


Many people think of "secret boxes" when it comes to parquet.


A secret box is a beautiful box with a pattern made of parquet.


The side of the box is a box that can not be opened unless it moves in a predetermined order, and the handle is perfect for hiding the device.


Because of the very delicate construction and the structure of the device, the number of craftsmen who can make secret boxes is decreasing in modern times.


The wonderful gimmick tickles the playfulness even as an adult.


How about the products of Japanese traditional craft "parquet"?


In addition to secret boxes, parquet is also used for tableware and accessories.


It also appeared for a moment in the anime "Devil's Blade", which has been a big hit since 2019.


Parquet is an important traditional craft of Japan.


How about a souvenir?