What is the charm of Donabe? What is an Donabe rice cooker? We will also introduce delicious dishes that can be made in addition to pots


"Earthenware pot" that Japanese people want one at home.


It is a pot for making warm and delicious dishes that are indispensable for winter dining.


It is a cooking utensil that changes the taste of the cooking that can be made as well as the appearance different from a normal pot.


What kind of dishes do you think can be delicious if you use such an earthenware pot?


In this article, we will introduce plenty of charm to what kind of dish earthenware pot can be used.


What is an earthenware pot? It is a Japanese hot pot made of soil.


Earthenware pots are ceramic pots made from soil, which are characterized by being flat compared to ordinary pots.


Compared to stainless steel pots, the heat transfer is slower, so it is perfect for bringing out the umami of the dish that is hokuhoku.


In addition to hot pot dishes, it can also be used to cook rice, steamed dishes, and boiled dishes, so it is active in various dishes.



Main Dishes Made Using Clay Pot


Cooked rice

Pork belly

Chicken wings





Roast beef



By slowly stewing the ingredients, you will bring out the sweetness and umami.


In the cold winter, I want to warm my mind and body using a clay pot dish stewed.


Earthenware pot rice cooker is popular! Recommended for those who want to eat sticky rice


Rice cooked in an earthenware pot is popular when it becomes chewy, elastic and delicious.


The reason is that the earthenware pot slowly warms each grain of rice.


The rice cooker with such a good earthenware pot is "Earthenware Pot Rice Cooker".


When cooking rice in an earthenware pot, adjust the heat that feels a little difficult.


However, if it is an earthenware pot rice cooker, delicious mochi mochigo rice is cooked with one switch.


The clay pot rice cooker with a good cousin of an earthenware pot and a rice cooker is one of the popular items.


Here are some examples of recommended clay pot dishes!


Here are a few recommended dishes that can be made using earthenware pots.


vermicelli soup with ✔️ wings and vegetables


If you slowly simmer the chicken wings in an earthenware pot, the plump in your mouth, the softer it will be.


Please enjoy the nutritious soup by slowly stewing vermicelli with vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and onions.


✔️ with plenty of miso-braised udon

Make udon with your favorite miso.


If you add plenty of meat and add a little garlic, you can complete the miso-stewed udon that brings out the umami.


I want you to make it in an earthenware pot! Delicious clay pot dishes


If there is one clay pot, it is a cooking utensil that is very active in winter.


If you eat earthenware pot dishes at your desk as you are, you may be able to enjoy the cold of winter.


Please prepare one clay pot for the family.