What is the difference between a banquet and a drinking party? Teach your best in drinking in Japan


 "Banquets" and "drinking parties" are frequently held in Japan as an opportunity to enjoy conversation while drinking alcohol.


So, do you know the difference between banquets and drinking parties?


Basically, the content does not change much, but the number of people and the scale can vary greatly.


Especially if you belong to a company, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a banquet.


In this article, we will introduce the difference between banquets and drinking parties, and what to know when participating.


I hope it will be helpful for those who are thinking of participating in the banquet in the future or those who want to hold a banquet.


What is the difference between a banquet and a drinking party? The number of people and the scale are different.


First of all, the difference between a banquet and a drinking party is often different in size and the person who is targeting it.


There is no clear line, but in many cases it looks like this:



・ Banquet: It is held by a large number of people, including people in departments that are not usually involved

・ Drinking party: It is held casually with a small number of people such as 2 or 3 people


Drinking parties often mean that people close to you, such as friends or people who are directly involved in the company, gather and hold in small groups.


However, since the purpose is to enjoy the conversation face-to-face, there is no need to think about special events, and it is often easy to gather.


On the other hand, banquets are often gathered by large numbers, including people from companies who are not directly involved.


The purpose is to enjoy conversations as well as drinking parties, but there are various ways to use banquets, such as deepening friendships with people who do not meet on a daily basis and gathering as some milestone.


What are the best information for attending a banquet?


When you are invited to a banquet, some people may be worried about what you should do to participate.


You only need to think that a banquet is a drinking party where a large number of people gather, and you don't have to be particularly shy.


It is good if you intend to enjoy it even if you do not become too rough when gathering with people in the company or when there are people with a good position.


In some cases, banquet organizers may have plans in store to engage more people.


It is also good to enjoy it small, or it is also good to move actively to get to know people.


I was entrusted with the secretary of the banquet! What is the secretary's mind?


If you are in charge of the banquet, don't forget that you are the representative of the drinking party and enjoy it.


However, it is necessary to make a reservation for the shop, choose a course, thank the person of the shop firmly.


If you are thinking about a project, you will not be able to prepare in advance so that everyone can enjoy it.


Enjoy Japanese drinking parties and banquets!


Banquets and drinking parties are one of the opportunities to drink sake that is typical of Japan.


There may be something similar to standing parties overseas, but please come into contact with Japanese culture.