What is the origin of “Happi”? When to use?


Do you have any favorite Japanese events? Many people will say that they like Japanese festivals.


Japanese festivals are one of the most beloved events of all nationalities.


Speaking of festivals, people wearing happis may have stood out for their vibrancy.


In modern Japan, the number of people who use it everyday has decreased, but it is still one of the costumes loved in Japan.


In this article, we will tell you about the history of the coat.


We will also introduce how coats are used today.


If you like coats, please try incorporating them into your life.


What is a coat? It is a costume that was born and used in the Edo period.


It is said that The Happi was born from the samurai society of the Edo period.


Originally, a large family crest was dyed on the back part, and it was not transmitted to the general public at that time.


Even today, it is a coat that is often worn at festivals, but this is also a remnant from the Edo period.


Because there was a working class in the Edo period, it was used as a formal dress to distinguish the organizer of the festival.


It was not long after the haori ban was issued that the coats began to appear in ordinary people.


Speaking of haori, it is a Japanese anime "Devil's Blade" that has become explosively popular in the last few years, and characters including the main character wear unique haori.





What is the difference between a coat and a haori?


The coat is an image of a costume that simplifies haori.


The coat is called haori, which is not a mistake on the side, and is mainly used as work clothes and winter clothes.


It is characterized by its short length and closes the chest straps, but it began to be mixed with "Hanten" from the time the general public started using it.


In addition, the coat and hanten are different things, but in modern times they are often treated almost as the same.


When is the coat used? Examples of non-festival use cases


There are times when coats are still used today.


So, in what situations is it often used?



Watch the team

Fire brigade

Landscaping business





In addition to being used as festival costumes, as a team of people with a common purpose, we sometimes use coats with a sense of camaraderie.


In addition, it is often used as a uniform.


Although it is not used as everyday wear, it is widely used even in modern times in formal places.


Coats are often used in modern Japan! How about a souvenir?


Coats are widely used in modern Japan and are deeply rooted in the Japanese.



If it is a souvenir to overseas, it may be a good way to buy a coat as cold protection goods in the room.