What is wasabi roll? Is wasabi true of herbs? Introducing wasabi trivia!


Do you know "Wasabi Maki", which contains only wasabi in hand-rolled sushi?


If you think that wasabi is a little delicious enough to be applied as a seasoning for sushi, you may think that "Sushi with only wasabi is a punishment game".


But in fact, the wasabi roll, which can be served at a delicious sushi restaurant, is very delicious.


In this article, for those who do not know wasabi rolls, we will introduce what wasabi rolls are.


By the end of reading, you will definitely want to eat wasabi rolls.


We will also tell you plenty of trivia about wasabi, so if you like wasabi and sushi, please enjoy it.


What is wasabi roll? It's a thin roll of wasabi and nori.


As the name suggests, wasabi is a thin roll made by putting wasabi in shari (rice) and winding it with a nori.


In other words, the only ingredients for thin rolls are wasabi.


Wasabi rolls are also known as "tear rolls".


It is such a thin roll that stimulates the tsun and nose when eaten and tears overflow.




Wasabi roll is not just a punishment game!


Some people may think that it is a "just punishment game" and "Why are there people who eat it?" when it comes to fine rolls that are wrapped only in wasabi.


Wasabi rolls are not made for punishment games.


It is not uncommon for people who fall in love with the tsoon spiciness and the slight sweetness of shari.


However, the point is that all ingredients are fresh and in good condition.


If you don't use good things, not to mention wasabi, shari and nori, it will certainly be just a punishment game.


If you are fascinated by this deliciousness, it is a daily routine to ask for sushi as a finish.


The refreshing taste is just right for tightening and chopstick rest.

Did you know wasabi is a herb? Tips on wasabi


Wasabi is a plant native to Japan and can only be grown in confined places in Japan.


Because it is classified as herb, it can be called "herb", but the spiciness that comes through the nose has a different characteristic from other herbs.


It has long been famous for its anti-poisoning effect, and it has been proven to have an antibacterial effect on bacteria that cause food poisoning.


One of the good things about wasabi is that you can eat it from the tip of the leaf to the tip of the root.


The plant wasabi native to Japan is delicious! Try wasabi rolls


Even if you are Japanese, many people have never eaten wasabi rolls.


Fresh wasabi is not only spicy, but also has a delicious taste.


If you're going to a good sushi restaurant, please give it a try.