What is Washi? Introducing how to make and use japanese paper “Washi” from ancient times.


What do you think of when you think of Washi?


"Wa" reminds me of Japan, so there may be an image that it is Japanese paper.


Washi means paper that has been passed down in Japan since ancient times.


However, today, it is true that there is a market where it is difficult to understand what Washi is.


In this article, we will introduce in detail what beautiful paper "Washi" is transmitted to Japan.


I will tell you about how to make Washi and how to use it, so please learn more about Japanese traditions.


What is Washi? Paper that is not paper derived from overseas


The word "Washi" itself was made in the Meiji period.


In this way, some people may feel that the history is unexpectedly a short word.


The word "Washi" is a word designed to distinguish it from paper that came from the West.


In other words, Washi itself has been used in Japan for a long time, but it was used as just paper until it was called "Washi".


According to Wikipedia, the characteristics of Washi are explained as follows.


"The feature of general "Washi" is said to be "because the fiber is much longer than Western paper, so it is strong even if it is thin, has a relatively long life, and has a unique texture" (However, depending on the type and application, it can not be asserted in general)


Quote: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Washi"


It can be said that the charm of Washi is its unique atmosphere with thinness and strength.





Washi is unique in its raw materials and how it is made


The raw material for Washi is the "physmitsu", a plant.


Bast fiber is, in other words, the developed fibrous of the stem of a plant.


The flow of how to make it is as follows.


(1) Take branches cleanly from the trunk

(2) Steam in a cauldron for about 2 hours to soften the bark of the wood.

(3) Peel and dry

(4) Also steamed to expose to river water to remove impurities remaining on the surface

(5) Sharpen the skin to make it the desired color

(6) Melt the skin with wood ash and other stewed impurities

(7) Tap to finely loosen the fibers

(8) Mixing liquid from the roots of plants to connect fibers

(9) Paper is made and stacked one by one

(10) Dehydration and drying


After this, we inspected it and finally becomes a product.


Washi made with a lot of effort has strength and has a different advantage from the paper you usually use.


How do I use Washi? Various ways to use


Washi is sometimes used in a way that does not seem to be paper.


For instance



Red stamp book




Washi can make such things.


"Washi" is a paper that can be used for more than 100 years! Japan's proud traditional crafts


As introduced above, it takes a considerable process to make it.


However, the charm of Washi is that once it is made, it can be used for more than 100 years.


Washi has the strength to not collapse even if it is put in water.