What is “winding”? It is that item which is convenient to use when making hand-rolled sushi


When you look at the hand of the craftsmen who make hand-rolled sushi, some people may have noticed that they are using some special items when winding sushi.


Even Japanese people may not even know the name of "What is it used to make rolled sushi?"


The tool used when winding hand-rolled sushi is called "makisu".


The rolls are often made of bamboo, but recently plastic and silicon products that can be purchased for 100 yen uniformly are also sold.


In this article, we will tell you more about how to use "winding" and the items that can be used as a substitute.


We will also introduce dishes that can be made using a roll sushi, so please feel free to enjoy it at home.


What is "makisu" used when making hand-rolled sushi? Introducing how to use


"Makisu" is a tool with a long history in Japan, so it is said to have been used since the Edo period when it began to eat hand-rolled sushi.


Traditional ones are made by drying bamboo and shaping them with straps.


Nowadays it is difficult to find handmade rolls, but in modern Japan, things made by machines are readily available.




 What is the orientation of the reeling sing? Do you have two sides?


When winding, the direction is "the one who does not come out of the string is my side".


It also comes with a product, but in many cases there is a string that ties bamboo.


If you make the string on your side, it will get in the way when you roll sushi.


Next, it is a method of discriminating the front and back of the winding, but when you look at the cross section, the one that is smooth and flat is the front and the half circle.


Roll the top side with ingredients such as nori.


What is the substitute item for "makisu" when making hand-rolled sushi?


Hand-rolled sushi should be rolled, so what can be wrapped will be an alternative.


For example, wraps and kitchen paper can be substituted.


However, it is softer and easier to stick than winding, and you may feel that it is difficult to roll.


Dishes other than hand-rolled sushi made using "Makisu"


"Winding" is an item that is easy to wrap with ingredients.



Roll cake

Date roll



Why don't you try making a dish like this?


The omelet, shaped with a roll, is unusual and luxurious.


Let's use the item "Makisu" that makes hand-rolled sushi!


If you don't know the original use of the roll, you may think that it is a luncheon mat or a nabeshiki.


But actually, it is a convenient item that you can make rolled dishes if you have one at home.



You can get it for 100 yen, so why not try making hand-rolled sushi using a roll sushi?