When is it best to eat with a fan? How to make delicious vinegared rice


When making sushi at home, I think that there are many people who have experienced "something different "because they can't make vinegared rice well..."


If it becomes messy, the hand-rolled sushi will not be bulky .


When making vinegared rice, many people have seen grandma and sushi chefs fan with fans.


Actually, this is the key to making delicious vinegared rice.


The poor timing of the rice that vinegared rice can not be made softly and deliciously may be bad.


In this article, I will tell you how to make delicious vinegared rice.


Please make delicious vinegared rice at home and enjoy sushi!


When do you eat sushi vinegared rice? How to make delicious vinegared rice


I will tell you from the points when making delicious vinegared rice.




・ Freshly cooked rice is the best

・ When adding vinegar, transfer to a large bowl.

・If you add sushi vinegar, mix it to "cut"

・ Cool after sushi vinegar penetrates into rice

・ The standard to cool is to human skin


A common mistake is that as soon as sushi vinegar is added to rice, it is a pattern that is cooled using a fan.




Let's use a fan after sushi vinegar penetrates the rice!


The rice is cooled with a fan only after the sushi vinegar penetrates into the rice.


Because vinegar is hard to penetrate cold rice.


There are many patterns that because it has been too cold quickly, sushi vinegar does not penetrate the rice and it becomes a messy texture.


Whether vinegar has penetrated the rice can be determined by whether you feel that the shamoji that stirs the vinegared rice has become heavy.



If the rice absorbs vinegar, it should feel heavier than the beginning.




Why fan? Prevents vinegared rice from stickiness


Some people think that it is better to cool naturally than to fan after vinegar penetrates into rice.


The reason for fanging is to remove moisture and prevent stickiness.


Since rice originally contains moisture, excess moisture is blown away by fana.


In addition, by aqueathing with a fan, the moderate flavor of vinegared rice remains.


When the gloss comes out in the rice, leave it for about 1 hour until the temperature of human skin becomes cold.


However, when left unattended, cover the wet and squeezed area over the bowl to prevent it from drying too much.


That means it's not good to be too humid or too dry.


Let's eat delicious sushi with vinegared rice in a fan!


Depending on the timing of fanging vinegared rice, the finished vinegared rice is different.



Please make delicious sushi at home.