Why chopsticks in Asia vary from country to country! Is it only in Japan that you have your own chopsticks?


In Asia, there are many countries that have a culture of eating with chopsticks.


However, have you noticed that the characteristics of chopsticks used by each country are different?


For example, chopsticks used by three countries, Japan, China, and South Korea, each has its own unique characteristics.


In addition, in Japan, it is common to have their own chopsticks, but in other Asian countries, the whole family often shares the same chopsticks.


Why are the characteristics so different in the same Asian region?


In this article, we will introduce the reasons and characteristics of chopsticks in Asia that vary from country to country.


The characteristics of chopsticks vary from country to country! Why?


This time, I will introduce the situation of chopsticks in Japan, China, and South Korea.




What are the characteristics of Chopsticks in Japan?


First of all, I would like to discuss Japanese chopsticks.


Japanese chopsticks are mainly made of wood, shorter than chopsticks from other countries, and are characterized by pointed tips.


The reason for this shape is related to Japan being an island country surrounded by the sea.


Because it is a country where fish can be abundantly taken, it became a short shape so that the bones and body of the fish are particularly easy.


In Addition, in Japan, each person prepares food, and they do not eat in share with people.



That's why chopsticks only had to be delivered to the dish in front of me, so it didn't have to be long.




What are the characteristics of Chopsticks in China?


Chinese chopsticks are often made of wood or plastic, and are longer and thicker than those in Japan, and are characterized by rounded tip.


This seems to be in the chinese food culture, where everyone is around the table and share the food together.


Chopsticks are long so that it is easy to separate what you eat from the platter in the center of the table by yourself, and it is made so that it is easy to take a large amount at once.


Also, in China, there is no custom of using your own chopsticks, and families use the same thing.





What are the characteristics of Chopsticks in Korea?


Korean chopsticks are basically made of silver stainless steel, and they often want to be flattened to make it easier to separate food.


There are several theories about the reasons why stainless steel is often used.


There are various things such as those that were taken by ordinary people that the aristocracy used gold and silver tableware before, and because kimchi is stained with wood, and because it uses hygienic stainless steel that is easy to carry during the war.


Some people may find it difficult to use because it is flat and smooth, but it may be suitable for hygiene.


In Korea, it is mainstream for families to use the same chopsticks.


Chopsticks are a mirror of the country's food culture! Different cultures have different chopsticks.


Chopsticks are used somehow, but it can be said that the shape has changed precisely because each country has sought ease of use according to the food culture.



Please enjoy the meals of each country while being conscious.