Why do beckoning cats raise their right and left hands? Explain the meaning and benefits of each


You may see a beckoning cat with one hand placed not only in Japan but also in overseas store.


The beckoning cat that has been loved in Japan for a long time is called "Lucky Cat" overseas.


As you might expect, beckoning cats are known as auspicious cats.


It is also popular with foreign tourists, and many people take it home as a souvenir of Japan.


Then, has anyone noticed that the hand raised by the beckoning cat is the right hand and the time when the left hand is held?


In this article, we will introduce the origin of the beckoning cat and the meaning of the hand.


What is a beckoning cat? Why it's said to be auspicious


In fact, the birthplace of beckoning cats is unknown.


It is said that the appearance of the cat grooming seems to be inviting hands, so it became a cat that invites good luck, that is, a "beckoning cat".


In addition, there is a story that in the old days when cats were kept at home to exterminate rats that eat crops, the impression that cats called happiness became stronger, saying that houses with cats prospered.


It is said that the current form of a beckoning cat became the shape of a maneki-neko in the Edo period, but there are several stories that led to its birth.


Let me introduce one of them.





A beckoning cat that appeared at Gotokuji Temple in Setagaya


Gotokuji Temple in Setagaya, Tokyo is known as a temple of beckoning cats.


One day, a falconry visited Gotoku-ji Temple, which used to be a koji temple.


The falconry was said to have been visited mysteriously because the cat beckoned by the passing, and rested there.


As soon as Osho guided him to his wife, it became a thunderstorm, and it is said that Osho-san was able to enjoy tea and preaching.


Falconry, who was pleased that he was not s seded by rain thanks to his cat and was able to make a good preaching, said that the temple prospered later because he donated a lot of money.


The falconry was Naotaka Ii, the second lord of the Hikone domain.


When the beckoned cat died, Oshou-san made a beckoning cat in the shape of a cat.


What is the meaning of the hand given by the beckoning cat?



The beckoning cat has a meaning in the hand.




The meaning of the beckoning cat raising the right hand


It is said that the cat raising the right hand is a male cat that raises fortune and good luck.



In general households, such as when you want to win the lottery, beckoning cats with your right hand are often placed.




The meaning of the beckoning cat raising the left hand


It is said that the cat raising the left hand is a female cat that raises luck to attract people such as good relationships and business prosperity.


When you want to invite a romantic partner or a customer, a beckoning cat with your left hand is often chosen.


It is good to love the beckoning cat!


Beckoning cats love people, so when you pick them into your house, put them in a place where you can see them in the front door or living room.



It is good to clean it so that dust does not accumulate every day, and to strom and talk to it.