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What is "TEMAKI" at home?

“Happy birth day!” “Thank you, always”

When it’s a big day for your family. When you just want to tell that you are thank you. When there’s a friends gather up after a while.
In these days, we recommend you  to celebrate and welcome precious people with special dinner.

What kind of dish do you serve in those occasions in your countries?
We recommend you, the perfect welcoming meal, “TEMAKI”.
There were those days, when we go to cinema to watch movies, however now we don’t necessary have to go to cinema because we can just watch movies at home with internet.

Same for the SUSHI.
Japanese people eat SUSHI not only at sushi bar but also at home. They choose ingredients by their own. 


Its preparation is pretty easy. First, place vinegar rice, ingredients, and seaweed on the table. Then spread little amount of rice into the seaweed on your hand. Roll up then it’s ready.

Little kids would show big smile on their face choosing own ingredients  and make meal by themselves.  They would probably eat more than usual, saying “More, more!”
For adults, it’s fun to try to create some new and creative taste using different kind of ingredients.
Feel free to throw a TEMAKI party at home!
We’ll keep you guys updated with some fun facts and useful information about TEMAKI.!

About “Hitomebore”,the rice we sell from Tome prefecture in Miyagi, we interviewed to farmers.

(Please check out the interview below)

Northern Miyagi is known as one of the best area for good qualitied rice.The countryside spreads out in the vast plain surrounded by mountains.
The best place to grow delicious rice, such as fertile soil and clean water.

Addition to that, farmers there make rice with love so that defiantly make the rice even more tasty.  

The farmers, Mr. Oikawa and Mr. Abe told us their “Adherence” to making rice.

What is the passion to “make delicious rice” that those two farmers who think “Making rice is fun” think of?

――It seems that you are very particular about the rice used in your lunch box, “Hitomebore Specially Cultivated Rice” from Tome, Miyagi Prefecture.

Oikawa ”Hitomebore”, I make is made with organic fertilizers. I make it without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers as much as possible.
It’s been three years since I met Mr. Abe’s fertilizer, and this is my fourth year.

――I have heard that it was the East Japan Earthquake that triggered the use of fertilizer from Mr. Abe’s company. How did you come across this fertilizer?

Oikawa Originally, it was introduced through a mutual friend . Farming reduction … I was interested in efforts to reduce pesticides and was looking for a good organic fertilizer.
Mr. Abe’s fertilizer has long been famous for a long time as fertilizer for pesticide-free cultivation. I was very interested in the 【miracle kiln】which Mr. Abe uses to make the fertilizer.

Abe 【miracle kiln】 is a dryer that dries fertilizer at 600 ° C to 700° C.
When the East Japan Earthquake occurred, the factory at the mouth of the Kitakami River was damaged, and only the kiln
that used to make fertilizer was miraculously saved in the rubble with a lot of things scattered around.

March 11th was just the day to ship the fertilizer. The shipping truck became a lid and that was the reason that was saved.
The raw material tank was not empty. The truck that was stopped became a wall of the tsunami.

Oikawa There were so many lucky… I mean, I found it was pretty amazing that the kiln survived after so many chances that could have destroyed it.
When I heard the story, I already wanted to use it because I was attracted this miracle story so I talked to him. That was the main reason I choose to use this.

――Please tell us about the fertilizer made in the [miracle kiln] used in Mr. Oikawa’s rice fields.

Abe It is made from fish extract and defatted rice bran.
 It is heated at a high temperature to make it almost free of microorganisms and bacteria before shipping.
When you sprinkle fresh fertilizer in soil, the microorganisms explode and increase.
It’s like a steak is placed in front of a hungry person.

Because it contains “amino acids”, which are the source of umami ingredients, the amount of amino acids in rice produced is extremely high.
When used for rice, it thickens the layer of amino acids between the bran and white rice. You can feel the original taste of rice when you eat it.
When microorganisms work well, good soil is produced and good crops are produced.

Compared to other rice fields that use other fertilizers, it probably looks a lot more reliable.
It’s still thin and sloppy now, but it’s catching up in the fall. I grow up slowly without overdoing it.
There is no immediate effect, but the soil will gradually improve.

――How is it? After actually using it.

Oikawa Organic farming is a lot for sure. The amount of rice you can make isn’t a lot as well. However, the quality is very good and delicious.
Because I’ve using Mr. Abe’s fertilizer from seedling stage,
 it goes well with it when it’s already  grown up as well. Of course the weather and temperature are important so I always be careful with the timing and amount to five it to rice. 

Abe Of course, the love is the best fertilize. Everyday, he is thinking about rice. Because he cares and takes care of it as well,
the rice turns into delicious and safe rice.

Oikawa It has been 4 years since I started organic. I first was going to try this for 3 years, which turned out to 4 now. 
 It taste better as I put so much effort into. That what gives me a motivation.

Abe The nutritional value is much higher than that of rice using chemical fertilizers. It’s a little waste to not know what it looks like.

――Is there anything that left an impression on you?

Abe In first year, When it was the season for  harvesting rice,
there were so many red dragonflies flying over Mr. Oikawa’s rice fields that I had never seen before.
They don’t fly away when even when they stick to outfits.

Because it was the first year since I decided to to organic, it gave me a surprise that I was already seeing result.

――Is it fun to make delicious rice?

Oikawa It would be more fun if I can do this taking more time. lol It is interesting because I always try to make even more delicious rice in this busy days.

I have came to this rice field secretly, without saying to Mr.Oikawa. I came to take pictures of rice field because I wanted to check up what’s going on.
How the roots goes, how to make taste better… I am not even a farmer but I’m enjoying cutting edge of rice production while I study about rice.

――It has been 4 years since you two started working together. I see so much more potential.

Oikawa I want to make qualitied rice. Not the amount of rice. Also the amount of people who does agriculture is reducing too tho. By adding the fertilizer and information that Mr. Abe brings to what he has done with his experience and knowledge, it will be better again.

When we keep doing this, the data will appear with good results. That I have so much to learn from.
 I’ve got an information of it will be even more tasty so that excites me as well.
It depends on the climate of the year, but I would like to offer more delicious food than the one of the same year.

Abe I try new and good methods at the Oikawa’s rice field as new information comes in.
Not only about fertilizer but also methods such as “little extra work” and “little extra product”.

  I always call to Oikawa when I hear a good information.
I am excited for fall to come because we’ve already tried new methods to it.

Oikawa Yes, this rice field is pretty amazing with “Cutting edge of the rice industry”.
There are so many methods and tricks that is booming right now and that will be booming in the future.
I will see match the answers during the harvest season for whether or not I did good.

It makes me very happy when I give my rice to friends and family and being told: “it’s delicious”.
Lunch boxes, I also receive good reputations too. That’s really nice to hear.
There are some improvements every year, however that also gives me what I can do more for.
So I try my best to make delicious rice with the rice field, perfect size for me to take care of. Every year I make even better rice.

The weather was almost raining, but it was a really nice and beautiful rice field.

 These two kind people was happy to give us answers to all those questions in front of this beautiful green rice field.
We understand why there are so many fans to the rice and why there is such high motivation to them,
which is to try and to think everyday for the better.
We hope that they are going to be keep making this such delicious rice!

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