Inari Sushi Making Kit

It is a kit that can easily make "Inari Sushi" anytime, anywhere.

You can easily make sushi on the table. Please make inari sushi together with your family. Sushi to eat with your family turns into the best entertainment!

Kit contents

◆Retort Sushi Rice 

<Nutrition Facts>

Name:Retort Temaki Sushi Rice

Raw Material Name:Rice,Brewed vinegar、Sugar、Cooking Sake、Sodium chloride/alcohol、Acidulants

Net contents:300g

Best before date:1 year from production at room temperature

※It can be heated in a microwave oven in 3 minutes. It can be warmed with boiling water.


◆Inari Sushi Ingredients

<Nutrition Facts>


Raw Material Name:Fried Bean Cuad(Soybeans, sugar, soy sauce, reduced starch syrup, sweetened glucose, brewed vinegar, salt)

Net contents:315g

Best before date:3 year from production at room temperature


◆Cooking utensils

・HCooking Heating Bag

・Heat Pack(a heating agent)※It cannot be carried into the aircraft.

・Bowl Dish(Bowl dish serving inari sushi ingredients):Diameter 18cm, Depth 4cm

・Flat Plate(Please use it when loosening rice.):18cm×18cm

・Cooking Gloves


◆Feel Japan!

・Sushi Oke:Diameter 18cm, Depth 5.5cm

・Sushi Decoration

・Japanese packing box:24㎝×18㎝×11㎝

Let's make inari sushi using the kit!

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